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Natural Capital Protocol Application Program: Embedding Natural Capital Insights

  • Calendar June 13th, 2017
  • Time 09:00

We invite businesses to this face-to-face forum to share their experiences in implementing the Natural Capital Protocol, gain insights from technical advisors and pilot test companies, and further understanding on topics such as;

  1. Interpret, validate, and verify an assessment
  2. Integrate natural capital into existing processes
  3. Discuss some of the key challenges around natural capital assessments
  4. Taking assessments further
  5. Learning what other businesses are doing

This event is free of charge and open to Protocol Application Program business participants. In order to attend, we ask that businesses let us know their level of experience with natural capital assessment, whether this is just beginning, scoping an assessment, performed a measure and valuation exercise, or applied the results. Please complete the Participant Survey if you have not done so. We also encourage businesses to Scope a Natural Capital Assessment in advance of the event, such that they can maximise value from the session. We can provide you a Scoping template, just email

Benefit from the Coalition’s unique overview of the capitals approach and community, gain insights into the latest thinking and developments and receive newsletters and project updates.