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Net Impact Approaches

  • Calendar May 20th, 2020
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken from Sustain Value.

“The world is facing climate, biodiversity and inequality emergencies. To avert these potential crises, businesses, financial institutions and governments must better account for the full value of natural, human and social capitals and impacts and set ambitious targets for net zero and net positive impacts.

This event brings together the different communities involved in measuring and valuing environmental and social capitals and impacts, and those setting targets around net zero and net positive impacts. These approaches cover individual issues (e.g. carbon, biodiversity) and multiple (integrated) issues for decision-making, reporting (e.g. Integrated Profit & Loss Accounts) and impact investing.

Key themes for this year include:

  • Links between different initiatives (e.g. Capitals thinking, Impact Management Project, Science Based Targets, SDGs, Circular Economy).
  • Prioritising issues to focus on.
  • Dealing with trade-offs – within and between environmental, social and economic topics.
  • Operationalising ‘regenerative stakeholder capitalism for good’ through use of impact valuation and setting net zero/positive targets.”

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