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Net zero and food-waste and the supply chain

  • Calendar January 20th, 2021
  • Time 10:00

From BSI

What’s this webinar about?
As part of BSI’s Net Zero Week, this session will focus on the challenges and opportunities in the food chain and consider some of the tools and approaches currently available to help the sector and related segments achieve net zero. This webinar will:

  • Provide an overview of the need for action on supply chain (scope 3) emissions, the challenges food & drink businesses face and the opportunities for collaboration
  • Provide case studies of organizations using food waste in innovative ways in the circular economy – e.g. FareShare and its response
  • Explore other policy responses and tools that might be needed to help the food sector meet the 2050 target

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Food producers and manufacturers
  • The hospitality industry
  • Healthcare
  • Retail brands

What will participants gain?

  • First-hand information on some key initiatives towards achieving net zero in the food chain – specifically on the use of food waste
  • An update on the role that standards are playing in helping the sector achieve net zero, and on potential new areas of work that could be further developed
  • The opportunity to ask our experts questions
  • A post-event copy of all presentations and a recording of the webinar



Welcome and introduction – Sara Walton, Sector Lead (Food), British Standards Institution (BSI)

Tackling supply chain (scope 3) GHG emissions – Karen Fisher, Special Advisor, WRAP

Food sector goals for Net Zero, carbon reduction targets – Emma Piercy, Head of Climate Change & Energy Policy, Food and Drink Federation 

An innovative and sustainable use of waste – towards Net Zero, accounting for the circular economy – James Persad, Head of Marketing and Communications, FareShare 

Round table discussion/Q&A session

Summary and end of the webinar – Sara Walton, Sector Lead (Food), British Standards Institution (BSI)

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