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Policy Design Guide Launch Event

  • Calendar March 18th, 2021
  • Time 17:00
  • Location Online

Text from WEAll

We need policies that put the wellbeing of people and planet first. Policymakers around the world are beginning to understand the importance of this. And, with the support of the soon to be launched Policy Design Guidebook (launching March 15), we can support policymakers in getting these ideas through the finish line. 

If you're curious about how you can support wellbeing policy design and want to learn more about where this work is already underway, join us for this event on March 18. 

Amanda Janoo, lead author of the Guide, will give a short introductory presentation, and offer ways for you to get involved, contribute to the Guidebook's evolution, and get it in front of the eyes of your policymakers. 

Join us in celebration of the launch of this Guidebook and let's deepen our understanding of our relationship with the economy, as we have the power to shape and mold it to meet our needs. 

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