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  • Calendar September 21st, 2017
  • Time 08:00

This text was originally published on SpringTij.

“Springtij’s program is shaped according to what we call the Watershed or the Wantij. On the one hand, the flood of knowledge and warnings comes in, on the other hand, the renewal. These trends we see in all sectors present on Springtij and all topics are treated Springtij. Economic, planetary ecological system to be addressed in the core to people, food, energy, raw materials, etc., leading to exhaustion, stress and “squeeze”. And on the other hand, a convincing wave of innovators, innovation, headers.

Springtij is the only place where these flows coincide fully with the driving forces of society. You can not solve a problem without looking over the edge of your own thinking and workplace.

Springtij is the compass for the green future. A growing community of sustainable headers who determine the course, share knowledge and create impact. Springtij organizes a three-day business congress at Terschelling every year, the Springtij Forum.

The Springtij Forum 2017 is from 21-23 September at Terschelling…”

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