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Sustainability Leadership Laboratories: Operationalising Natural Capital

  • Calendar October 11th, 2016
  • Time 08:00

This course will consider how business can respond to natural capital challenges using a variety of tools and best practices to assess natural capital and develop an effective natural capital strategy.


  • This course will demonstrate how to create leading-edge responses to sustainability opportunities and challenges, develop resilience and tackle risks.


  • Explore and challenge ideas around operationalising natural capital visions
  • Highlight the opportunities for business to identify where natural capital can be assessed and accommodated in decisions
  • Adapt and implement effective natural capital strategies  Gain a competitive edge by incorporating this knowledge.
  • Develop creative, leading-edge responses to sustainability opportunities and challenges
  • Design and develop a comprehensive action plan to implement sustainable change in your business
  • Hear from high profile academic & industry experts

Who should attend

  • All organisations who are reliant upon natural capital
  • Individuals working in strategy, risk analysis and sustainability roles.


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