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Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference

  • Calendar April 28th, 2020
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken from the Innovation Forum.

“Through focused and off-the-record discussion, this three-day conference will address how apparel brands can adapt practices to deliver on growing stakeholder expectations. We’ll equip delegates with the best-practice and guidance to transform factories, engage consumers, drive circularity and reduce climate impacts across fashion and textile supply chains.

[This conference will take place virtually between the 27th-29th April 2020.]

Agenda highlights:

  • Emerging trends and the future of (sustainable) fashion: C-suite executives discuss the latest sourcing trends and major opportunities in ethical fashion.
  • Circular fashion: What does collaboration around circularity actually look like in practice? And how do you engage designers from the outset?
  • Working conditions, modern slavery, living wage and women empowerment: What real change has occurred and what are companies doing to ensure fair, safe and equal treatment of workers.
  • Traceability and transparency: The latest innovations in supply chain mapping and visibility beyond tier 2.
  • Second-hand, repair, rental: The new and disruptive business models and how they will impact production and the retail environment.
  • Reducing GHGs in the apparel sector: How companies can trace, measure and reduce emissions beyond scope 2.
  • Government intervention and incentives: What policy makers are planning to do about the industry’s climate and waste impacts.
  • Evolving consumer demands and purpose driven communication: How to effectively – and genuinely – engage consumers in sustainable fashion.
  • Investor pressure: How far are investors truly engaging in sustainability, and what do they expect of brands?
  • Tackling fashion’s environmental footprint: The latest advances in water management, protection of forests and reduction of chemical discharge.

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