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Sustainable Use: the business plan for the planet

  • Calendar October 22nd, 2021
  • Time 11:00
  • Location Online
Sustainable Use: the business plan for the planet

Natural resources are essential to development and prosperity and the foundation to human wellbeing. It is estimated that half of the world’s GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services and, as a result, exposed to risks from nature loss . The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) indicated that despite progress to conserve nature and implement policies, the global goals for conserving and sustainably using nature cannot be met by current trajectories. Global goals for 2030 and beyond may only be achieved through transformative changes across economic, social, political and technological factors.

Biodiversity is an important cross-cutting issue in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SDGs explicitly recognize the importance of halting biodiversity loss, and other Goals recognize the importance of biological diversity for eradicating poverty, providing food and fresh water, and improving life in cities. It is critical that we make progress in mainstreaming biodiversity and transforming how societies value and manage it.


Economic activities depend on biodiversity for resources such as water, food, fiber, minerals and metals and so much more. Despite numerous commitments, biodiversity loss continues to accelerate across the globe. In addition, the anticipated expansion of sectors that depend on and affect biodiversity — including agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture — will pose a significant challenge to halting biodiversity loss in the coming decades. Reversing these trends will require action by all sectors and stakeholders, policy makers, financial institutions, civil society, academia and business. Mainstreaming biodiversity will ensure that addressing development needs and protecting the environment are mutually supportive.

The session will bring representatives from companies from different sizes and sectors and highlight the role of responsible use of natural resources in supporting sustainable development. Natural resources are the basis for a prosperous society, and the responsible and legal use of those resources will ensure sustainable growth while supporting life on Earth.


  • Sebastien Duprat de Paule, Natural Ingredients Innovation & Development Director, Yves Rocher
  • Lana Sutherland, CEO, Tealeaves
  • Leticia Kawanami, global Sustainability Manager, Suzano
  • Keyvan Macedo, Sustainability Director, Natura & Co
  • Tara Mathew, Head of Sustainable Supply Chain Operations and Direct Farmer Sourcing, Jayanti Herbs & Spice
  • Alexandre Capelli, Group Environment Deputy Director, LVMH 
  • Moderator: Julia Maria Oliva, Deputy Director, Union for Ethical Biotrade UEBT


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