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The Ethical Trade and Human Rights Forum UK

  • Calendar March 18th, 2020
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken from the Innovation Forum.

Due to recent developments with COVID-19, this event is being postponed.

“This two-day business forum will assess how companies can develop and implement robust human rights policies. We’ll look in-depth into the practicalities of supply chain transformation and what this means for the future of (ethical) trade.

Through off-the-record debate, expert practitioners will discuss the biggest challenges as businesses adapt practices to comply with rapidly evolving legislation and ensure ethical, responsible and transparent supply chains.

[This Forum will take place in London, UK between the 18th-19th March 2020.]

Agenda highlights:

  • The business case beyond compliance: How to drive board level action and resources
  • Evolving legislation and worldwide compliance: How companies can keep ahead of the regulatory curve
  • Effective due diligence:How to ensure practices are comprehensive, cost effective and drive better outcomes for workers
  • Investor perspectives:What really matters to investors and what do they want to see from business?
  • Ethical consumerism: How far will consumer attitudes drive greater action from brands?
  • Supply chain action:In-depth case studies into leading programmes and initiatives for responsible recruitment, factory engagement and remediation
  • Engage and incentivise procurement: What works, what doesn’t?
  • Living wage: Collaboration that is driving change at scale, while avoiding unintended consequences
  • Tech and innovation: How AI and advances in tech are transforming audits and enabling more effective risk mapping
  • Consumer certification labels vs brand own-label schemes: What is the best way forward?”

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