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The Future of Food (UK)

  • Calendar June 2nd, 2020
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken from the Innovation Forum.

“This two-day business conference will identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry. We’ll assess how business can react to consumer trends and expectations, whilst building sustainable, resilient agricultural supply chains.

[This event will take place in London, UK between the 2nd-3rd June 2020.]

Agenda highlights:

  • Climate action: Are 1.5C climate targets realistic? Are we ready to make the necessary changes?
  • Chemicals in agriculture: What consumers want and what the science says.
  • Financing sustainable agriculture: How investors can drive and enable a sustainable food system.
  • Tackling food waste: The potential climate and efficiency gains.
  • Trust and transparency: The leading innovations enabling greater transparency in the food industry.
  • Regenerative agriculture: What’s the scope for scale across the supply chain?
  • Consumer trends and expectations: How business can react and adapt to rapidly evolving expectations.
  • Public goods for sustainability outcomes: How can – and will – incentive reform drive a sustainable revolution in European farming?
  • Soil security: How leading brands are adapting practices to reduce soil degradation and ensure healthy soils.
  • Farmer data that delivers: How to collect, collate and utilise on-farm data to ensure everyone benefits across the chain.
  • The economics of farming: The key role of business in making suppliers economically sustainable and ensuring the farmers of the future.”

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