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The Real Prize of the EU Green Deal

  • Calendar April 23rd, 2020
  • Time 09:00

This text is taken from Finance Watch.

“Embedding environmental goals at the heart of economic and financial decision-making.

2020 is set to be a “super year” for nature and the planet. The EU will this month release its Biodiversity 2030 strategy and China will host the COP15 on Biodiversity in October. The UK will host the climate COP26 in September and the EU is rolling out its Green Deal and Green Deal Investment Plan.

All these plans depend on mobilising finance at a vast scale. The EU’s Green Deal Investment Plan is the most ambitious roadmap so far for integrating environmental and climate objectives into economic and financial governance – including as part of the crucial EU Semester dialogue between the Commission and Member States. But it has been criticized for a lack of fresh budgetary capacity.

Join Finance Watch, The Club of Rome and expert speakers for a half-day conference as Finance Watch publishes its new report, Mobilising Finance for Nature, to discuss some of the challenges of financing the restoration and the protection of nature and climate and the links with The Club of Rome Planetary Emergency Plan:

  • Can the EU embed nature concerns in governance at a high level, similar to its existing policies on Energy Union and Climate Action?
  • What are the limits and the potential for private finance in protecting biodiversity and ecosystems services?
  • Is public finance (EU and national budgets and investments) up to the challenge?
  • How can the EU semester effectively integrate the SDGs into economic and financial governance, as proposed by the Commission?
  • What are partnership options to reach our common goal – making finance serve nature – in the coming years?

Speakers and detailed programme will be announced soon.”

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