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The Virtual Responsible Business Week – EU

  • Calendar June 16th, 2020
  • Time 09:00

This text is taken from Reuters Events.

“On the Monday 8th June we will be live broadcasting to our North American based community, from 9am – 3pm ET. On Tuesday 16th June we will be live broadcasting to our European based community, from 9am – 3pm BST


  • Reviving Business for a New Normal – Clean and Inclusive
    To keep industries viable for the future, they must go through disruptive transformations. As the world looks to recover from the global Covid-19 pandemic we have the opportunity to put sustainability at the heart of the rebuild. Hear from global leaders on how we can deliver a new clean and inclusive blueprint for business


  • Meeting the 1.5 Degree Target: The Role of Investors and Companies
    Companies are under increasing pressure to align their business model with a 1.5 Target. But what does this mean for your business? What role is there for investors in helping ensuring these targets are met? How can business and investors bridge the gap to become a joint force-for-good?


  • Circularity: Delivering the EU Circularity Action Plan post COVID-19
    Delivering a circular economy and eliminating waste is a huge industry challenge. Whilst the ambition remains, there’s increasing challenges in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hear how are strategizing to ensure the Circular Transition remains front and centre in the coming months


  • Putting Climate Action at the Heart of the EU Recovery
    Business must redesign their business model and strategies to build resilience to current and future risks posed by climate change. Hear how companies are targeting innovative technologies, strategies and collaborations to adapt their rebuilds and secure long-term success


  • Purpose Driven Communications: The Sustainability Message post COVID-19
    The issues businesses need to communicate today are vast and complex. At this time with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, engaging your costumers on sustainability has never been more important. Discover how business can successfully communicate its sustainable vision and impact-driven purpose that demonstrates integrity and leadership


  • Sustainable Procurement: What Have we Learnt? What can we Change?
    For decades global supply chains were built around cost, quality and speed of delivery. Both the strengths and failings of this approach were exposed during the pandemic. Hear how companies are using the lessons learnt over the past few months to shape their purpose-driven procurement strategies. Discover how such an approach is helping build resilience and realise new business opportunities


  • Capitalism and Multilateralism: Look Ahead to COP26 and G7
    This is the decade for change, action is needed now. Business, investors and governments alike all have a duty to drive investments in the new technologies and programs to deliver a low carbon economy.


  • The ‘New Normal’: From Shareholder Return to Stakeholder Return
    The current capitalist model of pursuing shareholder return isn’t fit for the future. We live in a world of finite resources, social inequalities and an impending climate crisis. A movement is afoot to move business to a new footing, one that delivers both shareholder return and a return in value to society and the environment.


  • Clean Energy Future – Latest Technologies and Solutions
    A lot of gains can be made by making energy efficiency change across the current business operations. However, this isn’t as simple as flicking a switch. Hear how companies have taken innovative approaches to deliver great efficiencies across their business, and what are the latest technologies available to power operations in a 100% with clean energy.


  • The SDG Pathway: Accelerating Action and Collaboration
    By some estimates we are 43 years behind schedule on achieving the SDGs. It’s been 5 years since the launch of the SDGs – hear how companies are now accelerating action, ambitions, investments and collaborations to help accelerate impact on the key social and environmental challenges that we face


  • Addressing Inequalities across Business Operations post COVID-19
    Businesses are now tasked with identifying and addressing inequalities in their direct and indirect operations. Hear how companies are putting social issues at the heart of their post Covid-19 rebuild strategies”

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