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The Virtual Responsible Business Week – US

  • Calendar June 8th, 2020
  • Time 09:00

This text is taken from Reuters Events.

“On the Monday 8th June we will be live broadcasting to our North American based community, from 9am – 3pm ET. On Tuesday 16th June we will be live broadcasting to our European based community, from 9am – 3pm BST.


  • The Future of Business Purpose post COVID-19
    To keep industries viable for the future, they must go through disruptive transformations. Apparel, Agriculture, Finance, Mobility and Energy are some of the industries that need to undergo systemic change. Hear from industry CEOs on where the future looks, what needs to change to deliver against the goals and the actions that they’re taking now to deliver a new blueprint for business


  • Delivering a ‘New Normal’: Financing the Sustainable Future
    Could the coronavirus crisis spur a green recovery? The push for business to help deliver a low carbon economy, adapt to the changing climate and understand the potential financial and social risks of climate change has never been greater. How do we “build back better” and succeed in delivering a sustainable future?


  • Putting Climate Actions at the Heart of the US Recovery
    The coronavirus outbreak is a human tragedy affecting all corners of the globe. But out of tragedy, we must utilise the opportunity to ‘press the reset button’ on our environmental impacts. How do we ensure that climate issues are at the heart of a green recovery?


  • Purpose-Driven Communications: The Sustainability Message post COVID-19
    Creating a sustainability plan that’s fully integrated into business strategy is of paramount importance. To be truly integrated, a holistic engagement strategy incorporating employees, customers and the community is required.


  • Sustainable Procurement: The End of the Commodity Era
    The global commodity system that has served society for centuries is no longer fit for purpose. What materials businesses buy, where from and how are a crucial part of the sustainability journey. Hear how companies are altering sourcing models, simplifying and localising supply chains, and putting purpose and impact at the heart of a resilient procurement process.


  • Mainstreaming ESG & COVID-19
    Environmental, social and governance information on companies is being utilised as a guide to the movement of capital. ESG is going mainstream. Hear from leading investors on if this is the end of short-termism and what impact has COVID-19 had on the market?


  • Investor Focus: Going Beyond ESG Disclosures
    The conversation has shifted. Investors are looking beyond your disclosures into performance-based metrics and the goals you set. What are you doing and how well are you doing it? Hear from c-suite executives on what investors want to know from you


  • The Future of Capitalism: Redefining Value Through Integrated Capitalism
    Companies must take action whilst meeting business priorities and sustaining growth. Hear how companies are calculating returns on financial, social and natural capital and proving the ROI of sustainability


  • Proving the ROI of Sustainability Across the Business
    The value of sustainability is far greater than a cost centre, but how do you prove that internally across the business to every employee? The next step on the journey is making sustainability a part of every employee’s mindset, hear strategies to prove the ROI of sustainability


  • Climate Adaptation: Taking Action on Key Climate Risks and Opportunities
    The financial risk of climate change is now a central issue to businesses across all industries. Learn the current state of climate science and future projections. Hear how companies are using innovative technologies, strategies and collaborations to adapt their business to impacts from climate change”

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