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Valuing Wellbeing: Are We Doing it Right?

  • Calendar June 25th, 2020
  • Time 10:30

This text is taken from Social Value UK.

“Wellbeing, the term used to describe how people feel about their lives, frequently forms part of a comprehensive social value prediction or evaluation. There is now plenty of encouragement for social value reporters to include wellbeing in their assessments. Public sector guidance including the Green Book and the OEDC’s work on measuring wellbeing both emphasise that it is necessary to consider the way people respond to interventions, or risk an inaccurate understanding of the impacts under consideration.

The literature contains many qualitative methods to assess wellbeing, and some well-considered quantitative attempts including the Life Satisfaction-based work in the HACT Social Value Calculator. However, no one approach has met with universal acceptance and this may be dissuading some from including wellbeing in their reports.

This Thought Leadership Group is convened by RealWorth in partnership with Envoy Partnership and Commonplace. The event will discuss the latest thinking about how to accurately report the value of wellbeing generated by stakeholders, and will invite debate, questions, and the sharing of best practice in the field.”

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