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We Value Nature virtual office hour call

  • Calendar July 2nd, 2020
  • Time 11:00

This text is taken from We Value Nature.

“We will be showcasing an inspirational cohort model from the Spanish energy sector, comprising of 8 large energy companies working closely together to move forward on their natural capital journey.  We will have a chance to hear from the hosting partners of this cohort, ECOACSA and Azentua, as well as one of the energy companies on their experience of being part of such a cohort and how it is helping the energy sector move faster together to overcome barriers to mainstream natural capital approaches.

Your questions will shape the discussion: Please think in advance of questions you may have as well as resources and experiences that you can share with others. Should you not be able to join the call but still wish to ask questions, send these in advance to Katia (, we will make sure to address them during the call and send you the outcomes.

Join us for this participatory and active Virtual Office Hour call and reflect on how you can initiate your own cohort or give a boost to one that you already have in place.”

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