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Webinar 3: Innovative developments in the field of biodiversity data collection

  • Calendar October 26th, 2021
  • Time 12:30
  • Location Online

This webinar series organised by the European Business and Biodiversity Platform provides an overview of recent developments in the field of biodiversity data for businesses and financial institutions. The first three webinars will present examples of currently available and well-performing data sources on biodiversity impacts and dependencies, as well as innovative and promising biodiversity data collection techniques. Particular emphasis will be put on business applications, e.g. which type of internal decision-making can be supported by which data and which data collection techniques? Each of these webinars includes concrete examples on how businesses have applied biodiversity data. The final webinar will focus on remaining challenges and invites businesses to participate in a debate on how the accessibility, infrastructure and quality of data can be improved.

Webinar 3 will focus on specific innovative evelopments in the field of biodiversity data collection. In this context, eDNA and bioacoustics will be discussed. eDNA monitoring requires DNA retrieved from environmental samples such as water or soil and is an efficient species monitoring technique. Applicable to all types of environments, it can be used to study past and present biodiversity. Bioacoustics enables us to determine acoustic diversity, making it a valuable technique to assess and protect biodiversity. Moreover, bioacoustics identifies how anthropogenic noise affects habitat quality and it can help to track illegal activities such as poaching and illegal logging.Each session will provide sufficient time for Q&A.

Dial-in details and the link to access the meeting will be shared with registered participants in due time. Registration is mandatory.
For more information on the webinar series, please visit our web page or contact Janne Fillet ( or Johan Lammerant (

Webinars to follow: 
Thurs. 28 October, 3.30-5.00pm CET

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