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Every Street Tree in New York City Has Been Mapped

September 04, 2017 |

This map has been developed by New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

“The urban jungle generates $110 million in yearly ecological benefits.

Among the fascinating things you’ll learn are that the city’s 680,000 mapped trees are much more than pretty providers of shade. Their ecological benefits include intercepting storm waterconserving energyremoving pollutants from the air, and reducing carbon dioxide. The annual economic benefit of all this has been pegged at more than $110 million.

The New York City Street Tree Map brings New York City’s urban forest to your fingertips. For the first time, you have access to information about every street tree in New York City. Learn about the trees that make up our city’s urban forest, mark trees as favorites and share them with your friends, and record and share all of your caretaking and tree stewardship activities. Learn more About The Street Tree Map…”

Access the map at: New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

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