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Finance for One PLanet: CoP Financial Institutions and Natural Capital

November 01, 2016 |


“The value of nature is gaining attention in the policy and decision making processes of financial institutions. In transition terms, the sector is in the second so called ‘first movers phase’. The Community of Practice Financial Institutions and Natural Capital (CoP FINC), formed by a group of 15 financial organisations, motivated to share and learn from each other, is an instrument to accelerate the transition to third critical mass phase.

Natural capital involves all the goods and services provided by ecosystems that people depend on, such as water purification, food and relaxation in nature. Ecosystems have characteristics such as scale and time. Their resilience is dependent on biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms on the planet and is in urgent decline. Some economic sectors have a bigger impact than others.

Natural capital issues are becoming material for financial institutions. The CoP FINC consisted of members with a variety of initiatives related to natural capital. The business case, related to new risks and opportunities, is developing…”

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