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Financing the Future of Technology: Blockchain, Natural Capital, and the Digital Economy (Video)

April 04, 2017 |

This video was recorded at Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand 23 March 2017, and posted on Youtube.

Introduction: We are at the cusp of a great revolution. Blockchain technology is the next generation of the Internet. It will change how we look at money, and it may even help us save the planet.

Please join us for a stimulating evening of talks and discussions as we explore the the implications of Blockchain on sustainable finance. Learn how a digital economy can support efforts to preserve and even grow our natural resources.

Swiss blockchain startup Lykke and international NGO Worldview International Foundation (WIF) have partnered to list vital natural capital backed assets on Lykke Exchange. Heyerdahl Climate Pioneers (HCP) is a digital token representing living mangroves and carbon credit rights in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, named in honor of the famed Norwegian explorer and WIF cofounder.

Alan Laubsch of Lykke will lead the blockchain discussion, and WIF Chairman Dr. Arne Fjortfoft will introduce his pioneering mangrove restoration work in Myanmar, and share ideas for making a tangible impact on climate change…”

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