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Geodiversity & Geosystem Services (The Importance of Abiotic Services)

August 16, 2017 |

This paper was originally published on Cambridge Core

Abstract: The concepts of biodiversity and ecosystem services have become widely established and adopted within and beyond nature conservation circles. But biotic nature is only part of nature. The existence and importance of abiotic nature often goes unrecognized and is certainly undervalued. This Comment tries to redress the balance by outlining some recent developments in valuing and conserving abiotic nature, particularly the important concepts of geodiversity and geosystem services.

The imbalance in nature conservation circles between biotic and abiotic nature is neatly illustrated by Milton’s statement (2002, p. 115) that ‘Diversity in nature is usually taken to mean diversity of living nature…’. However, there are abiotic equivalents of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and any sensible approach to nature conservation and natural resource management needs to take account of both living and nonliving nature…”

Read on and access the full paper at: Cambridge Core.

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