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Global Conservation Summit Sets Sustainability Agenda

September 12, 2016 |


“Last week’s International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in Hawaii set the global conservation agenda for the next four years.

The Congress closed with the presentation of the Hawai’i Commitments. This document, titled Navigating Island Earth, was shaped by debates and deliberations over 10 days, and opened for comment to some 10,000 participants from 192 countries.

It outlines opportunities to address some of the greatest challenges facing nature conservation and calls for a commitment to implement them. It encapsulates the collective commitment by all who attended the Congress to undertake profound transformations in how human societies live on Earth, with particular attention to making our patterns of production and consumption more sustainable…

IUCN Members have also agreed to develop a policy defining natural capital, taking into account ecological, ethical and social justice issues. Members have noted emerging standards which aim to integrate the value of nature in the decision-making of business and financial institutions and the need for an improved understanding of natural capital…”

Read on at: The Maritime Executive.

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