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Global Nature Fund Releases “The Natural Capital Protocol in Practice”

December 04, 2017 |

This report was developed by the Global Nature Fund

“In the project “Network Natural Capital” (duration 2015-2017), the Global Nature Fund was able to gain initial experience in carrying out natural capital assessments in cooperation with project partners in two pilot studies . Both case studies are based on the recommended approach of the Natural Capital Protocol published in July 2016 . Based on the pilot studies, the Global Nature Fund has gained insights into the specific application of the Natural Capital Protocol.

In the new brochure “The Natural Capital Protocol in Practice”, the Global Nature Fund briefly summarizes the individual steps of the Natural Capital Protocol in German, complements it with its own experience in the application and refers to access aids and databases. This brochure introduces the Natural Capital Protocol to a German-speaking audience for the first time and offers a good introduction to the economic valuation of natural capital…”

Read on and download the full report (in German) at: Global Nature Fund.

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