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Government Infrastructure Investment Must Account for Natural Capital

April 03, 2017 |

This article was originally published on LGE

“…While Government approaches to the appraisal and allocation of spending on infrastructure do aim to take account of wider positive and negative impacts on the environment and society, the reality is that the economy is still king. In sustainability terms, we often talk about a triple bottom line approach (economy, society and environment), but how often do strategic decisions really take account of society and the environment?

The natural capital approach looks at resources such as plants, air, water and soils, and accounts for benefits that they can provide to society. Examples of benefits include raw materials for products we use, clean air we breathe and water we drink. While this may seem like an esoteric concept, it underpins the new Environment White Paper and there is a groundswell of work in this area, from the Government’s own Natural Capital Committee to the Natural Capital Coalition, which is increasing the prominence of natural capital and its potential to inform decisions in the public and private sectors…”

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