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Greater Manchester’s Spatial Framework: Strengthening our Natural Capital

October 12, 2016 |


“Natural Capital can be defined as our precious stock of natural assets. Here in Greater Manchester, this extends from our river valleys and diverse array of wildlife, to Salford’s 10,000-year-old peat bogs and that bit of grass behind your local super market – and everything in between.

Natural Capital assets provide basic ecosystem services such as the production of food and water, climate control and disease prevention and can even help prevent flooding. They keep our economy afloat, our societies functioning, and sustain human life.

Greater Manchester’s biodiversity is under continual threat from fragmentation, isolation, development, farming and pollution. We need to protect and preserve our green space and ecosystems in order to manage and adapt to challenges and contribute to a better future for all.

Valuing our natural capital and greenspace can achieve a better quality of life for the people of Greater Manchester…”

Read on at: On The Platform.

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