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Gretchen Daily Honored with Blue Planet Prize for Her Work to Harmonize People & Nature

June 19, 2017 |

Gretchen Daily, Blue Planet Prize Winner 2017 on the Natural Capital Protocol

This article was originally published on Stanford News

“Your summer vacation plans have changed – you’re going to the moon. Stanford biologist Gretchen Daily wants you to imagine this scenario and to consider all the Earth-bound organisms you would depend on for food, building materials, pharmaceuticals and general happiness up there.

“You’d get a list of thousands of species,” said Daily, the Bing Professor in Environmental Studies. “Your list probably wouldn’t even include species we rely on indirectly for services such as crop pollination and climate stability.”

For her work on practical actions and policies to secure ecosystems and human well-being, Daily was honored with the 2017 Blue Planet Prize, a roughly $450,000 award widely considered the Nobel Prize for science that contributes to solving global environmental problems…”

Read on at: Stanford News.

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