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Harmonisation of Forest Information Takes A Step Forward in Europe: Shared Practices Adopted in Over 20 Countries

February 14, 2019 |

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“National Forest Inventories (NFIs) provide statistically sound data, for example, to support evidence-based policy making. DIABOLO, a European Union Horizon 2020 project, has now provided new solutions to support policy making related to climate, environment, land-use and the bioeconomy. Over 20 countries have taken into use mathematical models that have been developed in this project that has brought together 33 scientific institutions in 25 countries.

Forest inventory data varies a great deal among European countries. When the data is harmonised, the data becomes comparable and summable. By developing and further enhancing mathematical models describing  and their development the DIABOLO project has responded to European, regional and national challenges while addressing global Sustainable Development Goals. When exploited by the NFIs the results from the DIABOLO project can support the development of a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

Forest inventory experts and scientists,  data providers, national and regional policy makers and forest managers from over 30 countries gathered at the DIABOLO Final Conference in the Koli National Park, Finland, on 12–14 February. Presentations focus on future possibilities to exploit the results and tools developed in the project…”

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