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Help Guide the EU Business & Biodiversity Platform’s New Strategy

January 07, 2020 |

This text was taken from EU B@B Platform.

“Since its launch, the EU B@B Platform has engaged and worked with businesses and financial institutions throughout Europe and beyond to help them integrate biodiversity and natural capital ambitions into business practices.

In the new year, the Platform will start a new Phase (2020-2022) in its activities and wishes to seize this opportunity to consult its community to strengthen its relevance for and engagement with EU businesses.

This short survey is designed to help the EU B@B Platform team better understand how to adapt the current Platform’s positioning and activities to meet your ambitions and needs in the next three years. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and guidance on the activities and governance of the EU B@B Platform and help ensure the Platform is ‘fit for purpose’ and can achieve its futureproofing objectives (see Mission Statement).

We invite you to fill in this survey and circulate it to other businesses, trade associations, research centres, NGOs or other organisations with an interest in biodiversity/natural capital.”

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