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How a 25 Year Plan Can Make Nature a Priority

September 09, 2016 |


“Improving the environment. Sounds great, what’s not to like? Leave it in a better state than we found it: that’s a good ethos. Political momentum for action is growing as decision makers recognise the worrying trends in the essential goods and services nature has always provided us. For example, soil supports food production as well as storing water and carbon, but it has been estimated that the costs of soil degradation in England and Wales amount to £1.2bn per year.

The government has committed to developing a long-term plan for nature. Originally due to be published by the end of the year, the plan is now one of the many policy initiatives impacted by the UK’s vote to leave the European Union and its scope will be widened to reflect the need to develop an environmental policy framework for the UK outside of the EU.

So how can we ensure the 25 year plan for nature is a success? Two possible answers are through its language, and how we find the resources to pay for it…”

Read on at: Aldersgate Group.

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