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How can large landholders benefit from a natural capital approach? National Grid and AECOM – an animated case study.

July 07, 2016 |

National Grid and AECOM present a short animation illustrating their journey to develop a natural capital valuation tool and embed natural capital thinking into the business decision making at National Grid. The animation introduces natural capital and ecosystem services, before providing an overview of AECOM and National Grid’s collaboration and translation of the value of nature into a language that engages new stakeholders and business functions.

National Grid and AECOM worked together to develop tools to value natural capital across National Grid’s estate in a robust and consistent way. This information is used to engage key stakeholders throughout the business such as finance and asset management, whose direct involvement in sustainability issues may be limited but their decisions can have significant influence on the company’s environmental impacts. This approach has allowed these decision-makers to consider the value of the site-specific natural capital in their decision-making alongside conventional financial value, with measurable results.

Through investing in its natural capital, National Grid is creating both business and societal value – for every £1 invested in natural capital enhancement, it has generated £6 of natural capital value for the business and communities.

Watch at the source: here.

Supplied by: National Grid & AECOM

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