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How Can We Encourage Private Investment In Sustainable Water Projects?

May 08, 2018 |

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“…Jennifer Wu, director of BlackRock Sustainable Investing, said that many investors are interested in investing in water-related issues, but they want to know more about the social and environmental effects their investments will have. The problem, said Wu, is that there are a lot of inconsistencies in how companies report these estimates. She suggested that investors, academics, and regulators need to team up to create a standardized system of evaluating the impacts of sustainable investments.

“If we can’t provide consistent and robust impact measurement, it is really hard to attract more capital in this space,” said Wu.

Another challenge, she added, is getting investors to understand how complex and important water is, since it affects agriculture and many other business sectors. “How do we paint a holistic picture when we talk to investors, so that they understand that if they don’t allocate capital to water issues, it’s actually going to impact other parts of their portfolios?” she asked. “To do that, we actually need better impact measurements.”…”

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