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How Can We Stay Within the Ecological Boundaries of Our Planet? Innovative Report ‘One Planet Approaches’ Puts Theory into Practice

November 27, 2017 |

This press release was released by WWF & IUCN NL. 

November 27th 2017. Today, WWF and IUCN NL jointly launch an innovative inquiry into One Planet Approaches written by Metabolic and co-commissioned by the Swiss government (FOEN). The report maps and analyses one planet approaches – a complete family of tools, methodologies, frameworks, programs and action plans. It acknowledges what is already available and identifies scientific gaps and necessary pathways for further development. In addition, the report supports the international scientific debate around the concept of planetary boundaries – by providing key recommendations around an 8 steps framework and their associated risks and challenges in translating the concept of planetary boundaries into a relevant framework for NGOs, companies and governments – to work towards a resilient planet that can continue to sustain the wellbeing of future generations.

One Planet Thinking:

The report was commissioned as part of the One Planet Thinking program. This initiative by WWF, in partnership with IUCN-NL, supports companies and governments to work within the safe boundaries of our planet. This is urgently needed, as over the past decades humanity has demanded more from our planet than the planet can sustainably offer. This will not only affect the wellbeing of future generations, it also poses real risks for business in the short term.

“This report provides us with an important baseline, to implement our vision on the one planetary system and work with companies, governments and science, using the resilience of the planet as a reference point”, says Katinka Abbenbroek, Head One Planet Thinking.

“We will further build on the insights of this report with our One Planet Thinking community of science, in which we bring together leading scientists. The Community of Science, unlocks and relates relevant scientific information on ecological boundaries and identifies the value of the available methods, indicators and targets within the One Planet Thinking normative framework.

Would you like to be involved in this fundamentally new, science-based approach?

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About One Planet Thinking:

One Planet Thinking is an initiative from WWF in cooperation with IUCN NL and others (i.e. Eneco). It supports companies and governments to work within the safe boundaries of our planet. It offers a fundamentally new approach with the resilient planet as normative reference point. The program brings science and practice (companies) together.

Read on and access the full report at: One Planet Thinking 

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