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How Climate Change & Natural Capital Are Changing Banking

March 27, 2017 |

This article was originally published on GreenBiz.

“The climate in financial institutions is changing. With a keen eye on market forces and a core business focused on supporting economic growth, leaders in financial institutions are launching low-carbon initiatives and investing in green infrastructure.

The reason is simple: The transition to a low-carbon economy is underway and includes a focus on investing in resilience of infrastructure — green and grey infrastructure alike.With growing clarity on the business risks and opportunities associated with climate change, deforestation and habitat loss, an increasing number of financial institutions are investing accordingly.

For example, TD Bank Group (TD), where Karen is chief environment officer, identified climate change as a global economic mega trend in 2008. TD conducted research on the link between the environment and the economy to better understand the risks and the market opportunities associated with climate change. Key findings are summarized in TD Economics reports such as The Greening of the Canadian Economy (PDF), which offers clear data-based evidence that “greening” is driven by market forces and occurring in every sector of the economy…”

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