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How & Why Do Diverse Actors Come Together to Pursue Natural Capital Approaches?

April 20, 2017 |

Peter Wilshuen, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Brucknell University (Pennsylvania, USA), has approached the Coalition about conducting research on natural capital approaches and conservation governance.  He will be following the work of the Natural Capital Coalition as an interesting example of a governance network associated with international conservation that seeks to advance natural capital approaches.  The core line of inquiry stems from this question: Why and how do diverse actors come together to pursue natural capital approaches?

Peter has been following natural capital approaches and related initiatives such as the Natural Capital Declaration/NCFA at major events since 2012 including the Corporate Sustainability Forum/Rio+20, the 2014 World Parks Congress, the 2015 World Forum on Natural Capital, and the 2016 World Conservation Congress.  This has allowed him to gain a lot of perspective but going forward he would like to interact more directly with individuals and organizations that are working on natural through the Natural Capital Coalition to gain a more nuanced understanding of the decision-making processes that lead to the production of specific governance arrangements and instruments such as the Natural Capital Protocol.

Peter will be using qualitative methods in his research; an approach called institutional ethnography.  Institutional ethnography uses different types of immersion to understand organizations and governance processes on their own terms.  It relies on things like observation, analysis of documents, and open-ended interviews.

The output is intended to be a series of peer-reviewed articles, which will hopefully enlighten us all on the challenges and success of our approach.

The Coalition secretariat will be inviting Peter to join several events and meetings over the coming months. If you are interested in the research project and / or would like to take part and be interviewed as part of it please let the us know at

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