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If We Say That Nature Is Priceless, Do We End up in Effect Treating It as Valueless?

November 08, 2016 |


This article was originally published on Economics.  

GreenBiz recently ran an article on the potential pitfalls of putting a price on nature. It’s often argued that assigning a cash value to nature undermines the intrinsic value of the natural world and the multitude of resources and benefits it provides, turning it into a “subsidiary of the corporate economy.”

On the other hand, assigning a value to different aspects of the natural world (imperfect though they may be) also has the potential to help ensure main stream economic policies do a better job of accounting for nature. The question becomes, as the article puts it, “If we say that nature is priceless, do we end up in effect treating it as valueless? Or is being unwilling to price nature the best protection we have against it being packaged up, owned, bought, sold or used up?”…”

Read on at: Evonomics.

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