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Indian Candidates Sign Declaration Committing to Introduce New Laws to Preserve Natural Capital

May 15, 2018 |

This article was originally published on The Hindu.

“With environment protection, preservation of natural resources and need for sustainability gaining importance, some activists in the city have drawn up a sustainability commitment declaration.

They are now urging candidates contesting in the upcoming Legislative Assembly elections to sign the declaration. Sunil Sood, a sustainability activist who is behind this initiative, told The Hindu that over the past week or so, nearly 14 candidates had signed the commitment declaration.

…By signing the declaration, candidates commit to working towards an equal society, strict implementation of all existing laws and policies on air, water, land and forests and introduce newer laws to preserve the natural capital, promote transition from present unstable, unsustainable economy to green economy which is low carbon, resource efficient and inclusive, apart from taking help from all committed individuals without vested interests and organisations in reaching the goals. “Word on the sustainability commitment declaration has spread organically. With candidates realising that they can’t ignore the need for sustainability, we have been getting enquiries from candidates who are asking us to send them the declaration. This is clearly a step in the right direction,” added Mr. Sood…”

Read on at: The Hindu.

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