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Integrated Value: What It Is, What It’s Not & Why It’s Important

October 11, 2017 |

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post

“Integrated value is, I believe, the next evolution on the long and winding path describing business’s wider role in society, which began with corporate philanthropy (in the 1870s, if not before) and corporate social responsibility (since the 1930s), and has, along the way, incorporated concepts and practices like business ethics, environmental management, stakeholder management, corporate governance, sustainable business, corporate accountability, shared value and many more.

…This is really the leading edge of economics, accounting and reporting – and indeed, one of the key tasks of integrated value – as we look for credible ways to put financial values to changes in these other forms of capital (internalizing the externalities, as the economists put it). Some promising steps include Social Return on Investment measures, the Natural Capital Protocol, KPMG’s True Value methodology and PwC’s Total Impact Measurement & Management approach…”
Read on at: the Huffington Post.

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