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Investment in Sustainable Landscapes Helps Address Water Scarcity & Maintain Ecosystem Services

May 19, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Water Briefing

“Business participation and investment in sustainable landscapes can help to develop collaborative solutions to address issues like water scarcity, deforestation or ecosystem services, according to a new report released at the Forest and Landscape Investment Forum.

The report, Business for Sustainable Landscapes: An action agenda for sustainable development, underscores the numerous benefits that business can realise by investing in landscapes – from reducing their environmental and social risks to protecting their assets or sourcing area by supporting vital ecosystems, such as forests, rivers and freshwater.

Businesses increasingly recognise that working in landscape partnerships can help them address critical issues that go beyond their immediate supply chains.  However, the report shows that  only a quarter of the 428 large, multi-stakeholder landscape partnerships surveyed include business…”

Read on at: Water Briefing.

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