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Is it Possible to Create ‘Value’ and ‘ROI’ Indicators for Ecosystems? In a Word, Yes.

August 25, 2016 |

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Ulrike Sapiro, Director of Sustainability: “I believe with partners like Natural Capital Coalition it’s possible to create ROI indicators for ecosystems“.

“In a few weeks time, several thousand water experts, scientists and campaigners will come together again at the annual World Water Week in Stockholm to catch up on the latest challenges and brainstorm how to secure ‘water for sustainable growth’.

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the global businesses willing and working to make a real difference to water resource management and sustainability, both inside our own bottling plants and outside in the watersheds. After years of tremendous efforts, we were able to announce last year that we are on track to achieve our global water replenishment goal (to replenish all product water back in the environment) 5 years ahead of our 2020 target.

This year in Stockholm, we will have the opportunity to celebrate another big milestone of the Replenish program and I am already looking forward to a great few days in Stockholm with our partners…”

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