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Key Investments Can Build Resilience to Pandemics and Climate Change

April 16, 2020 |

This article was originally published on The World Resources Institute.

“To manage the twin threats of the coronavirus pandemic and climate change, building resilience against both is imperative and urgent. We are going to have to multitask on this one, as delay will cost lives and livelihoods.

But how to do so, in the face of a recession, falling government revenues and huge pressure on public budgets to fund multiple priorities? Investments in COVID-19 response and in climate change resilience must work together and reinforce each other, rather than compete for resources. Here are three ideas on how to do it.

Invest in Health Care that Addresses Both Pandemics and Climate Change

…Strengthen the Disaster Risk Finance Architecture

…Put Disaster-responsive Social Safety Nets in Place

…We find ourselves in uncharted territory, but tools and knowledge that already exist for climate resilience should also be deployed to help communities cope with pandemics, and measures to protect us from this and future pandemics can also help build resilience to climate impacts. While responding to the current coronavirus crisis must be everyone’s primary concern, we should not lose sight of how actions and investments today could potentially prepare us for other crises, including the looming climate crisis.”

Read on at: The World Resources Institute.

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