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Landowners Receive Billions in Subsidies to Protect Watersheds – Study

December 16, 2016 |


This article was originally published on Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“Governments are offering more incentives to landowners who protect their watersheds to improve conservation, but must expand these efforts in order to provide reliable water supplies to growing populations, researchers said on Thursday.

Subsidies for landholders who protect watersheds – land that absorbs rainwater – exceeded $23 billion last year, about $2 billion more than 2014, the study said.

With a growing global population and increased demand, governments are struggling with how to provide everyone with enough water to drink.

Direct subsidies to farmers and landowners who protect watersheds is an effective conservation strategy, said the study by Forest Trends, a Washington-D.C. based research group…”

Read on at: Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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