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Launching the Social & Human Capital Protocol: A Primer for Business

November 26, 2021 |

People are at the core of business. 

The past two years have highlighted the importance of issues like health, wellbeing, social justice and equality in achieving sustainable economies globally. Put simply – the need to better value our social and human capital.  

Organizations are being driven to move beyond compliance in sustainability and human capital practice towards active management of their impacts and dependencies on nature and people.  The vast inequalities laid bare by COVID-19 mean investors and customers are increasingly demanding to see how business gets done with respect for people’s dignity – and for companies to integrate social and human capital in decision making. 

This is why we have chosen to launch the Social & Human Primer for Business. This is a short introduction to the Social & Human Capital Protocol. It outlines how applying the Protocol and including social & human capital in your considerations will improve your decision-making. By incorporating the value of social & human capital into your decision-making you can both gather insights into significant risks, and also discover opportunities for adaptation, resilience and efficiency.

The Capitals Coalition and ERM recently hosted the launch of the Social & Human Capital Primer for Business, supported by L’Oreal. Participants were able to hear how companies use value accounting to make decisions on human and social capital issues including health and safety, paying a living wage and talent retention.

You can watch the session in full below:

Download the Primer here and learn more about the Social & Human Capital Protocol here.

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