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Let’s Talk Business: Bridging the Gap Between the Financial World and the Natural

November 29, 2016 |


This article was originally published on Greenbiz

“…Last week, Let’s Talk Business! – a natural capital conference in The Hague organized by Platform BEE (Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy), aimed to address this missing link between the natural world and the financial world by bringing together the combined force of the financial institutions, corporates, academia and politicians.

On Wednesday evening, Rein Willems, Chairman of Platform BEE, welcomed participants and introduced the joint initiative of IUCN NL (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and VNO-NCW (the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers), and their five-year effort to put together the Den Haag Business Accord on Natural Capital, which was to be presented the next day.

His opening was followed by keynotes from Coenraad Krijger, Executive Director of IUCN NL who stressed our heavy dependency on natural capitals; and Cees Oudshoorn, Secretary-General of VNO-NCW, who then explained the Netherlands’ key position in the movement of caring for the natural capital is motivated by the fact that 10 percent of Dutch GDP depends on agriculture. He went on and proposed three key considerations – economic interest, market position and impact on natural capitals – as guiding principles, and urged Dutch business to know their eco footprints and politicians to sharpen policies to promote the Natural Capital Protocol to the EU and rest of the world…”

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