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Life Cycle Assessment Needs Predictive Spatial Modelling for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (Webinar)

July 17, 2017 |

This is a special recording of the Natural Capital’s Operation Group call held on 29th June 2017. The Operations Group encourages the knowledge exchange and collaboration across the business and natural capital community and to promote and develop best practice. During this call, Becky Chaplin-Kramer, Lead Scientist, from the Natural Capital Project discussed a recent study where they advanced life cycle assessments (LCA) to integrate spatially explicit modelling of land change and ecosystem services in a Land-Use Change Improved (LUCI)-LCA.

Working with Unilever, the study compared increased demand for bioplastics derived from two alternative feedstock-location scenarios for maize and sugarcane to find that the LUCI-LCA approach yields results opposite to those of standard LCA for greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, and of different magnitudes for soil erosion and biodiversity. This approach highlights the importance of including information about where and how land-use change and related impacts will occur in supply chain and innovation decisions. The methodology applied also highlights the application of elements of the Natural Capital Protocol (

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