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Looking to Nature for Solutions

January 19, 2018 |

This article was originally published on Nature News & Views.

“As a climate solution, nature should  be a no-brainer. Forests and other  ecosystems store carbon, harbour  biodiversity, regulate rainfall, sustain  livelihoods, support water and food security, and buffer communities from climate  change impacts. They are ubiquitous, self- replicating, and need little maintenance or  technological development. And yet the  adoption of natural climate solutions has  been a bumpy road. Scientists debate the size  of the terrestrial carbon sink. Development organizations fret about the potential for  reforestation to take valuable croplands out  of production. And proponents of climate action have feared solutions that could  be perceived as excusing continued fossil  fuel use.

As a climate solution, nature has  seemed stubbornly resistant to widespread  use. However, a new study may help change  that. Writing in Proceedings of the National  Academy of Sciences of the USA, Bronson  Griscom and colleagues quantify 20 distinct  natural climate solutions that can  store carbon and reduce emissions alongside  energy transformations while safeguarding  food security and biodiversity. They estimate these natural solutions could  contribute 11.3 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent (Gt CO2e) per year of climate mitigation, paving the way for a range of implementation  actions and new research…”

Read on at: Nature News & Views.

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