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Major Meeting in Paris to Review First Global Biodiversity Assessment Since 2005

April 26, 2019 |

This article was originally published on DW Akademie.

“The first global biodiversity assessment in 14 years is to be discussed next week. “The loss of species, ecosystems and genetic diversity is already a global and generational threat to human well-being,” scientists say.

Prepared by 150 leading international experts from 50 countries, balancing representation from the natural and social sciences, with additional contributions from a further 250 experts, the Global Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services is to be presented to representatives of 132 governments in Paris next week.

An approved version of the Summary for Policymakers is expected to be released to media under strict embargo on Saturday, May 4.

According to some reports, up to a million species face extinction due to human influence, which has undermined the natural resources on which all life depends.

The report will offer an integrated overview of where the world stands in relation to key international goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Paris Agreement on climate change…”

Read on at: DW Akademie.

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