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Making the Case for Green Infrastructure

October 04, 2016 |


This article was origionally published on The Planner. 

Planners and the planning system need to adapt to the language and outlook of investors and developers if the case for green infrastructure is to be won.

“Speaking at the Building Prosperous Cities conference, economists, environmentalists, planners and city leaders stressed the importance of framing arguments for the value of green infrastructure in terms meaningful to accountants, financiers and business.

This may mean completely reframing the ways in which ‘natural capital’ is valued within a planning system that is not yet adapted to the idea of ecosystems services.

“We now are stating to understand the value of what we’ve got in terms of ecosystems and natural capital,” said Anne Selby, chief executive of the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire and chair of Greater Manchester’s Natural Capital Group.

“But despite the masses of evidence, we are just not quite there. It feels sometimes as if we are trading in beans and the economy is trading in shells. We need the philosophers stone that turns beans into shells.”

The conference was organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network to further understanding of the concept of natural capital and its application in the built environment…”

Read on at: The Planner.

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