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Mangrove Restoration: Offering Two-For-One Solutions To Climate Change

January 30, 2017 |


This article was originally published on IUCN

“…Belize, for example, aims to restore and protect mangroves focussing on turning its mangrove system into a net carbon sink, while recognising mangroves as protective systems for low-lying coastal areas against impacts of storms and soil erosion. Djibouti has very similar incentives; however, the country’s decision makers also place emphasis on the additional potential revenue generated through ecotourism.

India has already made substantial strides in mangrove restoration and is participating in Mangroves For the Future, an initiative to protect coastal livelihoods coordinated by IUCN in India. India’s main incentive for mangrove restoration efforts is climate adaptation for disaster risk reduction and thus refers to mangroves as ‘bio-shields’. The United Arab Emirates places a strong focus on climate mitigation and, under their National Blue Carbon Project, is undertaking significant restoration and plantation efforts of both mangroves and seagrass systems…”

Read on at: IUCN.

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