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Mapping Natural Capital: Where are the Ecosystems that People Rely on?

August 15, 2016 |

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A great resource from Conservation International, outlining some of the ecosystems that humans relys on in order to survive, and how Conservation International are working to protect them.

“In order to protect and manage our natural capital, we need to know where it is located.

The forests that regulate our climate. The rivers that provide sources of clean water. The stocks of fish that feed us. The soil in which we grow crops. These are examples of “natural capital” — the sources of goods and services that ecosystems provide that humans rely on.

Conservation International is working with governments and others to map the most important, or “essential,” natural capital in select places around the world so that countries, development banks, conservation organizations and other actors can meet conservation targets and ensure sustainable development for their people…”

Read on at: Conservation International 

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