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MAVA Foundation Publishes Three-Decade Review

April 21, 2023 |

The MAVA Foundation has published its final report, ‘A Story of Impact and Hope – Three decades that made a difference for nature and people‘.

Over the course of 28 years, MAVA delivered grants worth CHF 1.14 billion which were implemented by over 500 partners including ourselves. As of June 2023, MAVA will be ending their programmes.

Their final review looks back on some of the key achievements of the last 28 years of funding conservation and sustainable economy initiatives, organised around the five main legacies of MAVA. It is followed by key lessons learnt and reflections from across their team.

In addition to their final report, MAVA has created a legacy library which includes MAVA’s commemorative book, final evaluations, learning products and more.

The Coalition has been a recipient of MAVA grants including for the Economics for Nature (E4N) project, a six-year project that aimed to drive nature conservation and restoration by making the value of natural capital visible in economic and business decision-making.

The E4N Programme collectively identified and addressed knowledge gaps and developed robust models and tools for integrating natural capital into economic decision-making and was able to connect global communities and mobilise key partners to develop mutually supportive agendas for action around nature and the economy. More information on E4N’s legacy can be found here.

The Capitals Coalition would like to thank MAVA for their generosity over the years and for their continued contributions to mainstreaming the capitals approach around the globe.

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