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Measuring Natural Capital and Why Asian Businesses Should Get on Board

September 21, 2016 |


“…2016 has seen this progress continue, with the release of the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) in July. Developed by the Natural Capital Coalition – a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising businesses, not-for-profits, economists and academics – the NCP is a framework designed to help generate credible and actionable information that businesses can use to make informed decisions when considering natural capital, or the stock of renewable and non-renewable resources, such as plants, animals, water, soil, and minerals, which generate benefits for people.

According to the Natural Capital Coalition, benefits provided by natural capital include clean air, food, water, energy, shelter, medicine, and the raw materials used in the creation of products, as well as less obvious benefits such as flood defence, climate regulation, pollination and recreation.

Looking past simple financial statements when making operational and investment decisions is nothing new, but until recently, calculating the value and impacts of natural capital has been inconsistent and without comparable standards. The NCP’s Protocol Framework covers four stages, broken down into nine steps…”

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